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LACROSSE BALL FOR TRIGGER POINT MASSAGE- FINE-TONED elite pro® plus MASSAGE EXERCISE INSTRUCTIONS CHART crossfit, rehab, physiotherapy - meets full NCAA specifications
  • Great for trigger point therapy - giving relief from tight muscle knots - more durable and comfortable will withstand heavy use and retain shape
  • For Pilates, Yoga, Massage Therapy, and Physical Therapy, used by professionals and for home use
  • Used for stability exercises and myofascial release and alignment.
  • You can use a lacrosse ball when watching TV, sitting at your desk, or even while lying on your living room floor! COLOUR : ORANGE
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Protone lacrosse ball for trigger point massage / rehab / physiotherapy / crossfit (black)
  • The Protone® Lacrosse ball is an excellent way to loosen up those tight muscles.
  • Roll over those knotted muscles for some trigger point therapy.
  • These are great for those areas you can't quite reach with a foam roller.
  • Great deals to be had when multiple items are purchased.
  • Not to be used on joints. This listing is for 1 x lacrosse ball.
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Lacrosse Muscle Roller Ball Set of 3 :: New Massage Balls for Deep Tissue, Trigger Point, Physio Therapy & Instant Myofascial Stress Release :: The Best Quality Massage Rubber Balls :: For Men And Woman Reflexology Rehab Fasciitis Recovery Acupressure Stretching Foot Back Neck tight sore pain relief
  • ✅ 200% RETURN ON INVESTMENT GUARANTEED - We offer a better than money back guarantee! If there are any issues with your product, we will SEND YOU A NEW ONE and give you a FULL REFUND! See product packaging for more details.
  • ✅ **DUAL E-BOOK PACK** (usually £26) - Get 2 eBooks which outline a number of great techniques for taking your workouts and nutrition to the next level!
  • ✅ PROVEN TO RELIEVE TENSION AND STRESS - The muscle roller ball is amazingly effective for deep tissue muscle massaging. Use our Massage Roller Ball Set to relax your muscles, eliminate knots, and relieve tension or stress.
  • ✅ POPULAR WITH YOGA MASTERS AND PHYSIOS - This product is fast becoming the most popular way to remove foot, back, neck and shoulder pain. The treatment of choice in Yin and Yamuna yoga, this set is also great for sports physiotherapy and myofascial treatment. These lacrosse-style rubber balls are firmer than tennis balls. This makes them much more effective in releasing pressure from your trigger point areas.
  • ✅ MADE TO LAST A LIFETIME - Inspired by lacrosse balls, each Massage Roller Ball is made from high-quality rubber. As a result, it can withstand frequent, heavy use. Set includes 3 balls to help relieve different levels of tension or stress.
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Captain LAX Lacrosse Ball (Neon Pink)
20 Reviews
Captain LAX Lacrosse Ball (Neon Pink)
  • perfect lacrosse ball
  • meets all NCAA specifications for official play
  • only at our shop with original Captain-Lax logo and at the best price
  • diameter: 6cm
  • made of hard rubber
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TNP Accessories® Lacrosse Ball Lacrose for Trigger Point Massage / Rehab / Physiotherapy / Crossfit / Pilates / Reflexology / Foot Massager Roller / Acupressure (Yellow)
  • Great for trigger point therapy - giving relief from tight muscle knots - more durable and comfortable will withstand heavy use and retain shape
  • For Pilates, Yoga, Massage Therapy, and Physical Therapy, used by professionals and for home use
  • Suitable for home, office, outdoor and other fitness exercises
  • The ball is hard, treats deep tissue and myofascial pain
  • Portable and convenient to use, easy to clean and store
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6 cm Lacrosse Ball, 7 cm Very Firm Spiky, 7 cm Medium Firm Spiky Balls + Carry Bag
  • REDUCE PAIN AND INCREASE MOBILITY - Helps to increase circulation to sore and tight muscles, providing relief from pain. Perfect for deep tissue massage throughout the body. Use it as a foot massager, or for back, neck, hamstrings, glutes, quads, chest and shoulders
  • RECOVER FASTER AND FEEL BETTER - One of the most valuable myofascial release tools for CrossFit, Yoga, Pilates and Fitness Enthusiasts! Suitable for Soft Tissue Self Massage, Acupressure, Reflexology, Trigger Point Therapy, and Myofascial Release. Regular use may help increase mobility and help with injury prevention
  • SIZE OPTIONS - Choose a massage ball set or single ball below - select the size and firmness to suit your personal goals and intended use. Beginners may prefer the medium firm balls, whereas more experienced users often find the very firm balls more beneficial. A handy carry bag is included with all massage ball sets (not included with single balls)
  • FREE EBOOK - includes a selection of suggested massage ball exercises to help you to reduce tension to tight and sore areas throughout the body. Reduce pain, sooth tired, aching muscles and feel rejuvenated
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ResultSport® Trigger Point Massage Ball Set Pack of 3 (Soft/Medium/Hard) - Stress Reflexology, Myofasical Ball, Exercise Ball, Lacrosse Ball
  • Pack of 3 x 6cm massage balls - soft, medium and firm density - successfully under gone a 100kg stress test.
  • Roll the ball around the area of the body in need of a massage - increase the pressure you apply for a great deep tissue massage
  • Specifically designed to release tight and aching muscles, increase flexibility and to help your body relax - essential tool for all athletes
  • Great for use before and after an intense workout, acupressure massage, trigger point release or simply for a general all over body massage.
  • Easy to clean and store; these lightweight balls are ideal to pop into your bag for use whilst out and about.
SaleBestseller No. 8
Lacrosse Massage Ball By Pro Sportz - Specifically Designed For Trigger Point Massage. Meets NOCSAE Standard & NCAA / NFHS Certified
  • DEEPER SELF-MASSAGE - Deep tissue massage for foot, calf, legs, IT band, sciatica, back and shoulder. Very efficient for relieving muscle pain after sports, athletics and workout. Promotes new blood flow, returning nutrients to the muscle to ensure the muscles and connective tissue regenerate.
  • IMMEDIATE DIFFERENCE - Essential in muscle tension relieving, cramp soothing. If you have been suffering from sore and tight legs, maybe even some muscle knots in your calves or quads, then this massage tool is specifically designed for you. This will make immediate difference.
  • PERFECT TRIGGER POINT - Soothe sore feet, ease glute pain, loosen tight hips, relieve shoulder stress and ease forearm pain. Use it post workout for fast recovery and get better result.
  • EXCELLENT QUALITY - Specifically designed for athletics, sports and workout. The lacrosse massage ball will provide perfect tension. Highly recommended by athletes(Runner, Swimmer, Bodybuilder, Cyclist...), personal trainers, physical therapists for its efficiency and amazing results.
  • ORDER WITH CONFIDENCE! - All Pro Sportz equipment products are backed by their 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE if you don't absolutely love our lacrosse massage ball! We will make sure you are 100% SATISFACTION with lifetime warranty when you order today.
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Masterein Lacrosse Ball Massage Ball Mobility Myofascial Trigger Point Body Yoga Fitness Pain Release
  • Designed to provide a comfortable application of pressure to sore muscles and connective tissue
  • Alleviate kinks and cramps anywhere you feel minor pain and tightness
  • Give your body a therapeutic self-massage as often as you need
  • Easily integrates into any CrossFit, yoga, pilates, cycling, running, weightlifting, physical therapy, occupational therapy, and so on
  • Use them at home, at the office, or at the gym
SaleBestseller No. 10
LACROSSE BALL / MASSAGE BALL - This Smooth Ball is Perfect for Foot Massage, Myofascial Trigger Point Release, Physio & Rehab. 6cm across, to NCAA specifications
  • THIS SMOOTH MASSAGE BALL IS PERFECT FOR DEEP SELF-MASSAGE - This firm, 6cm diameter ball allows deeper tissue massage than you can achieve with a foam roller. Ideal for tightness in your foot, calf, legs, IT band, sciatica, back, shoulders and arms.
  • FASTER RECOVERY - Using this lacrosse ball stimulates blood flow allowing your muscles and connective tissue to regenerate faster and quickly relieve muscle pain after playing sports or working out
  • IDEAL FOR MYOFASCIAL TRIGGER POINT RELEASE - Myofascia surrounds, infuses and protects muscle, tendon, and ligament, but can become tight and restrict movement. This is the best way to release the tightness and restore full range of movements
  • CAN HELP WITH CRAMP & RELIEF FROM KNOTTED MUSCLE - If you have been suffering from cramping and knots, self-massaging with this helps break up the muscle adhesion and disperse lactic acid alleviating cramp and knots
  • HIGH QUALITY AND 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - Made from high quality rubber making it perfect for pilates, yoga, massage therapy, physical therapy and post sport or work-out recovery.