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Golf Training Aid - Swing Correcting Tool, Warm-up Tool - « Swing Guide » - Improve Your Swing
2 Reviews
Golf Training Aid - Swing Correcting Tool, Warm-up Tool - « Swing Guide » - Improve Your Swing
  • The Swing Guide is a lightweight golf training aid designed to help you create the correct golf swing positions. It will help to you reach and memorize a perfect and effective swing plane
  • Sets the correct hinge position at the top of your backswing / Perfect the start of downswing and improves the impact position / Reduces incorrect wrist cocking and encourages correct radial deviation of the wrist / Achieves better accuracy and distance / Corrects club's face alignment and swing plane
  • With the Swing Guide, the beginners will find an effective way to rectify wrist cocking, to coordinate the force between hands and arms and, above all, to correct the bad orientation of the club in order to address more accurate balls and avoid the excessive effects on the golf balls (low balls and bad directions)
  • For the most experienced players, It helps to better understand the positioning of the club in space, to avoid throwing hands too early on the descent and to reinforce the memorization of the swing plane
  • A Golf Tool Simply effective and very easy to use - Suitable for players of any levels - Right and Left Handed. Men / Women / Juniors. Product Warranty 1 year
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Longridge Power Band
80 Reviews
Longridge Power Band
  • Improves Technique
  • Durable Construction
  • Tour Proven
  • One size fits
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Andux Golf Training Aid Golf Putting String With Pegs Golf Putting Guide Line LXXLQ-01
  • Straight String is one of the best and most important golf practice tools used by PGA tour professionals.
  • Great training aid for getting the ball down your target line.
  • Help improve putting stroke.
  • Easy set up and storge.
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Callaway Connect Easy Training/Practice Aid - Black
15 Reviews
Callaway Connect Easy Training/Practice Aid - Black
  • Prevents "Flying Elbow" for wedges and short irons
  • Grooves proper swing path for both left and right handed golfers
  • Easy to attach and use
Bestseller No. 5
Xcellent Global Finger Exerciser Hand Strengthener Trainer - Great Exercisers For Hand, Finger & Wrist Strength Training Exercises For Guitar, Piano, Golf, Tennis & Physical Therapy
  • Great for athletes and musicians. Provides a complete strength training solution for fingers, hands, wrists, and forearms. Promotes finger strength, flexibility, coordination and speed. Great golf training aid to help golfers improve hand strength.
  • The Hand Exerciser offers resistance adjustable from 3.0 - 8.5 lb on each finger, thereby allowing a single unit to meet all of your exercise needs. The innovative 5-button design allows extension finger exercises, critical for piano and guitar players.
  • With 2 brackets, can lock 2 buttons simultaneously, any two of the buttons can be held down. You can choose whatever fingers you want to exercise at your will.
  • Soft button cap makes it comfortable to press. The slim size makes you hold it all in one palm and make it portable to exercise your fingers in anytime at anywhere. Copper core, adjustable tension, make operation smooth and accurate.
  • The package includes: 1* Xcellent Global Hand Exerciser Finger Strengthener Trainer
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SwingClick Plus (2016) Golf Training Aid, Red
9 Reviews
SwingClick Plus (2016) Golf Training Aid, Red
  • The 2nd generation SwingClick plus has a sleeker design that complements the natural flow of the swing. The strap is more Adjustable and flexible, making it one-size-fits all, and it is available in four different colors - blue, Red, orange and purple
  • The secret to great rhythm is finishing your backswing and the key to finishing your backswing, is knowing where the top of your swing is, on a consistent basis. The SwingClick plus will help you with both
  • Great transition is the key to consistent ball striking. By smoothing out your transition and finishing your backswing, you create time in your swing for your club head to get back to square at impact, resulting in more consistent ball striking
  • It's simple and easy to Use and works for everyone, from pro's to beginners (right handed and left handed). it can be used on a driving range, on a course in a social game and indoors, with or without clubs
Bestseller No. 7
New Snag Start Junior Golf Training/practice Equipment - Snag Launch Pad
  • SNAG contains all the elements of golf but in a modified form. SNAG allows for full shots, pitching, chipping, and putting. It is a proven learning and training tool for entry level golfers, which has been particularly well received in education establishments throughout the USA since 1995
  • Created by two former PGA Tour Professionals, it is a fun and enjoyable development tool which is accessible to everyone and promotes confidence by providing instant success
  • SNAG clubs come in 3 sizes: Green 26in for 4 to 7 yr olds. Blue 30in for 7 to 11 yr olds. Red 34in 11plus year olds SNAG Launcher Set. Used in conjunction with the Launch Pad to learn the chip, putt and full swing
  • Only SNAG Launch Pad
Bestseller No. 8
9 Reviews
  • Perfect grip and steel weighted swing trainer
  • Combines the essential s of a proper grip and the feel of a full motion swing
  • Simple, Easy for training purpose
  • Great for a complete warm-up
  • Strength to build golf muscles for a solid swing
Bestseller No. 9
Golf Training Aids Grip Trainer Golf Swing Training Grip
54 Reviews
Golf Training Aids Grip Trainer Golf Swing Training Grip
  • A Great Grip is the Start of a Great Swing
  • Correct grip help to hit the ball with power, accuracy or consistency
  • Makes you feel what it is like to hold the golf club just like the best players in the world do
  • Built-in guides guarantee to put your hands on the club Pro perfectly
  • Training Grip Provides the Correct Hand Position
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Golf Grip Training Aid - Black
  • Golf-Grip Prevents: Re-gripping, Hooking, Slicing
  • Golf-Grip Promotes: Muscle Memory, Accuracy & Alignment, Distance & Control
  • Golf-Grip Provides: Discreetness, Uniqueness, Assurance