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Bestseller No. 1
GPS Geocaching Traveler Set - Pirates & Geocache
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GPS Geocaching Traveler Set - Pirates & Geocache
  • Five different geocaching trackables - usable like Travel Bugs(R)
  • Trackable on
  • Packed in a Geocache
  • Original Groundspeak trackable
SaleBestseller No. 2
Garmin eTrex 10 Outdoor Handheld GPS Unit
  • 2.2 inch monochrome display that's easy to read in any lighting situation
  • Durable and waterproof, eTrex 10 is built to withstand the elements
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Supports geocaching GPX files for downloading geocaches and details straight to your unit
  • High-sensitivity, EGNOS-enabled GPS receiver and HotFix satellite prediction to locate your position quickly
  • 2.2-Inch monochrome display that's easy to read in any lighting situation
  • Durable and waterproof, eTrex® 10 is built to withstand the elements
  • Easy to use interface
Bestseller No. 3
Official Groundspeak geocaching trackable travel bug
  • official unused Groundspeak travelbug
  • fully trackable on
Bestseller No. 4
Outdoor Waterproof Geocaching Log Book, Memo Pad Block, 50 Pages Tactical Laptop
  • Waterproof logbook - squared 50 sheets
  • For geocaching or other outdoor Akivitäten
  • 13 cm x 8 cm
  • With all standard pencils can be written on (Ballpoint pencil etc.)
Bestseller No. 5
GPS Geocaching Traveler Set - Best Friends & Geocache
  • Six Geocaching travelers - usable like Travel Bug(R)
  • Trackable on
  • Packed in a Geocache
SaleBestseller No. 6
Garmin Camper 660LMT-D 6 inch Satellite Navigation with UK and Full Europe Lifetime Maps, Digital Traffic and Bluetooth
  • Specialised satellite navigation for caravans and motorhomes with 6 inch p inch to zoom touchscreen display, custom routing and trip planning for the size and weight of your camper or caravan
  • Includes directory of campsites (over 9,000 ACSI rated campsites) with search filter
  • Road warnings for bridge heights, weight limits, sharp curves and camper speed limits
  • Free lifetime map updates for the UK and full Europe (45 countries) and free digital traffic alerts to keep you updated and moving
  • Receive warnings for risk of grounding, lateral wind, narrow road, sharp curve, steep hill and tree overhang
Bestseller No. 7
G-PORTER GP-102+ (Green) Multifunction Handheld GPS Receiver with 15 Useful Futures Location Finder Outdoor Tracker Position Marker Data Logger Geocaching
  • Ever forgot where you parked your car at the mall or stadium? Ever got lost when hiking, biking, or traveling to a new place? GP-102+ is a portable GPS Locator device used for returning to a previously marked outdoor spot. This high-tech, reverse navigation system is low cost, accurate, easy to use, fits in your pocket, and giving peace of mind. Using latest GPS technology, GP-102+ works globally, under all weather condition. It is an indispensible tool for outdoor enthusiasts.
  • Whether it is for returning to the camping ground, remembering a favorite fishing spot, or getting back to a place of particular interest you came across during vacation, simply mark the location while you are at the place. Later GP-102+ can guide you back to the exact spot no matter how far away you start. Never getting lost again outdoors! Finding way back/target with 100% confidence!
  • The GP-102+ is capable of keeping up to 300,000 records or positions, including longitude, latitude, speed, UTC, and tag data. The location histories can be exported to mapping software such as Google Earth or TrackMaker. Logging data interval programmable: by time or distance. GPS position, Provides real time info on latitude, longitude, direction, time and speed. Finder/ The estimate straight line distance measuring of the back track.
  • Wold's Smallest Handheld mini GPS with 14 Useful Futures: GPS Position Indicator, GPS Position Marker, GPS Position Finder, GPS Data Logger, GPS Trip Planning, GPS Route Sharing, GPS Geotag Photos, GPS Sports Analysis, GPS-Sync Clock, GPS Tacho, Digital Kompass, Barometric Altimeter, Pedometer, Wetter Station, Gradienter and more ... The GPORTER GP- 102 + is as small as a lighter ( LxWxH : 68x35x16mm ) only 40 g in weight , waterproof IPX6 the many features is ideal for any outdoor use. The latest version of G-PORTER 102 + allows you to: - enter coordinates directly into the GPS device - Current position in degrees and decimal minutes - Store up to 600 POI locations as favorites - Auto-Pause
  • The GP-102+ is the best available portable GPS tracker and sports analyzer with the most functions with the simplest operations. The SiRF starIVTM navigation processor is equipped to deliver the best positioning quality. Battery Life up to 17/20 Hours. The GP-102+ is capable of keeping up to 300,000 records or positions. - capable of keeping up to 600 / Point of Interest points - The GP-102+ sports tracker provides a wide variety of sports modes to support analysis with different software analyzers. The GP-102+ allows users to retrieve previous tracks or target outdoors. Mark and locate positions, Geotag Photos. The GP-102+ provides route planning or sports tracking functions. The GP-102+ is easy to use, with only 2 buttons, display language English, German, Japanese, Chinese. The GP-102+ comes with versatile additional functions, such as pedometer, barometer, weather station, level, etc.
Bestseller No. 8
Travel Bug Tag Geocaching, Trackable, GPS
  • Geocaching travel Day from Coinsan Dpins
  • GPS
  • Trackable on
  • 35 mm long - fits easily into ' - e.g. Film canisters
  • With Necklace made from aluminium
Bestseller No. 9
In Car Charger for Garmin Sat Nav - Fast Charge 2.0Amp MINI USB In Car Charger and Data Sync Cable 2m - NUVI, NuviCam, ZUMO, Camper, eTrax, Garmin Dash Cam, VIRB, Dezl, NULINK, ZUMO SERIES SAT NAV & all MINI USB devices CE Certified by Gadget Hoppa
  • ✔ CE Certified. GENUINE Travel Hoppa Accessory. 5V 2Amps. Compact design, Car Charger is Suitable for most Garmin Sat Nav Devices
  • ✔ COMPATIBLE WITH - Camper 760LMT-D, dezl 560LMT, dezl 560LMT Camper Deluxe, dezl 560LT, dezl 570LMT, dezl 570LMT-D, dezl 760LMT-Digital, dezlCam LMT-D, eTrex 10 Geocaching Bundle, eTrex Touch 25, eTrex Touch 35, Garmin Dash Cam 10, Garmin Dash Cam 20, Garmin Dash Cam 30, Garmin Dash Cam 35, nüLink! 1695 LIVE, nüLink! 2340 LIVE, nüLink! 2390 LIVE, nüLink! LIVE 2320, nüvi 1200, nüvi 1210, nüvi 1240, nüvi 1300, nüvi 1300T, nüvi 1310, nüvi 1340, nüvi 1340T, nüvi 1370T, nüvi 1390T, nüvi 1410
  • nüvi 1440, nüvi 1490LMT, nüvi 1490T, nüvi 1490TV, nüvi 200, nüvi 200W, nüvi 205, nüvi 205W, nüvi 215, nüvi 215W, nüvi 2200, nüvi 2200T, nüvi 2240, nüvi 2300, nüvi 2300LT, nüvi 2310, nüvi 2340, nüvi 2340LMT, nüvi 2350LT, nüvi 2360LT, nüvi 2407, nüvi 2408LT-D, nüvi 2415, nüvi 2415LM, nüvi 2415LT, nuvi 2417LM, nüvi 2440, nüvi 2445, nüvi 2445LMT, nüvi 2447LM, nüvi 2447LMT, nüvi 2448LMT-Digital, nüvi 245, nüvi 2455, nüvi 2455LMT, nüvi 2455LT, nüvi 245W, nüvi 245WT, nüvi 2460LMT, nüvi 2460LT
  • nüvi 2467LM, nüvi 2475LT, nüvi 2495LMT, nüvi 2497LM, nüvi 2497LMT, nüvi 250, nüvi 2507, nüvi 2508LT-D, nüvi 250W, nüvi 2515, nüvi 2515LT, nüvi 2545, nüvi 2545LMT, nüvi 2547LM, nüvi 2547LMT, nüvi 255, nüvi 2559LM, nüvi 2559LMT, nüvi 255W(T), nüvi 2567LM, nüvi 2568LMT-Digital, nüvi 2569LMT-D, nüvi 2577LT, nüvi 2585TV, nüvi 2589LM, nüvi 2595LMT, nüvi 2597LM, nüvi 2597LMT, nüvi 2598LMT-D, nüvi 2599LMT-D, nüvi 2659LM, nüvi 265T, nüvi 265WT, nüvi 2699LMT-D, nüvi 270, nüvi 275T, nüvi 2797LMT
  • nüvi 2799LMT-D, nüvi 30, nüvi 3490LMT, nüvi 3490LT, nüvi 350, nüvi 3540LT, nüvi 3590LMT, nüvi 3597LMT, nüvi 3598LMT-D, nüvi 360T, nüvi 370T, nüvi 3710, nüvi 3760T, nüvi 3790T, nüvi 40, nüvi 42, nüvi 42LM, nüvi 44LM, nüvi 50, nüvi 52, nüvi 52LM, nüvi 54LM, nüvi 55, nüvi 55LM, nüvi 56LM, nüvi 57LM, nüvi 58LM, nüvi 65, nüvi 65LM, nüvi 66, nüvi 66LM, nüvi 67LM, nüvi 68LM, nüviCam LMT-D, nüvi 2548LMT-D, nüvi 2557LMT, zumo 220, zumo 340LM, zumo 350LM, zumo 390LM
Bestseller No. 10
Black Film Canister – Sturdy Plastic – for GeoCaching or Small Items (Pack of 25)
  • Can be used as a Geocache container and for organising all small parts
  • The can come in: plant seeds, screws, paper clips, push pins, beads, coins, other small items.
  • Made of sturdy plastic with removable, closes lid
  • Colour: Black, the diameter: 3.2 cm, Height: 4,8 cm, weight: 6 g