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Fit Nation Foam Roller - Black
792 Reviews
Fit Nation Foam Roller - Black
  • BECAUSE MUSCLE PAIN DOESN'T DESERVE YOUR TIME ! Use your foam roller to banish muscle pain fast! No one knows better than you as to exactly where you are feeling tense exactly where you need relief exactly how much pressure you need. Massage those tender muscles and eliminate your aches and pains with the #1 rated foam roller by Fit-Nation®.
  • BEING ABLE TO PUSH YOURSELF THAT EXTRA MILE MATTERS ! Use your massage roller pre-workout to release toxins in your muscles to help prevent injuries and allow you to train harder. Use post-workout to accelerate recovery soothe aching muscles help with sports injury rehabilitation.
  • GREAT PRODUCT THAT DELIVERS BENEFITS FROM DAY 1 ! When you unwrap your muscle roller be ready to take charge of your massage right away. Get instant deep relief in your upper and lower back neck legs IT-band quads hamstrings delts lats shoulders by rolling them out before after your workouts.
  • FEEL CONFIDENT ON TOP OF YOUR GAME ! Our trigger point foam roller is a very clever piece of fitness equipment and as such we want you to know how to use it properly. In order for you to feel the benefits fast we include a physical ring bound exercise guide containing 10 of the best foam roller exercises to get you started. Plus we also include our 2 most popular foam rolling eBooks access to our 10 lesson online video course.
  • GET READY TO BECOME A RAVING FAN ! You're making a very intelligent decision doing business with Fit-Nation. We know how important our relationship is with you so we'll only provide you with best product and service or your money back! Add your foam roller to your basket to experience the Fit-Nation customer satisfaction phenomenon!
Bestseller No. 2
PhysioWorld Foam Roller - Blue - 90 cm
  • Made from high-quality PE foam
  • Recommended to ease muscular pains and reduce tension - great to aid recovery from an injury
  • Used to improve core stability, flexibility and range of motion. Also widely used in Pilates.
  • Foam rollers are great for easing muscular pain and can be used in a wide range of stretching techniques as well as self-massage.
  • 90cm x 15cm - Blue
Bestseller No. 3
Foam Roller for Deep Tissue Muscle Massage - Trigger Point Therapy - Myofascial Release - Muscle Roller for Fitness, CrossFit, Yoga & Pilates (Orange with Black Core)
  • IMPROVE MOBILITY & ENHANCE RECOVERY - Helps to increase circulation to sore and tight muscles, providing relief from pain. Perfect for myofascial release, trigger point therapy and deep tissue massage throughout the body
  • RECOVER FASTER AND FEEL BETTER - Great for CrossFit, Yoga, Pilates, Weight Training, Rugby, Football, Bodybuilding, boxing and MMA - A valuable massage roller for all sports and exercise enthusiasts!
  • FULL BODY RELIEF - Premium quality dense EVA foam roller with textured (bumpy) design - Ideal for reducing soreness and discomfort in your back, legs, neck, IT-Band and shoulders. Regular use may help to facilitate post workout recovery, prevent injuries and assist greatly with injury rehabilitation. Ebook instruction guide included to help get you started with using your foam roller immediately
  • LIGHTWEIGHT & CONVENIENT - At around 33 X 14 cm X 14 cm, this gym quality ultra-strong foam roller is long enough to effectively work muscles throughout your body, yet it's still fairly light so you can easily carry it in your gym bag. Use your foam roller for yoga, pilates classes or working out in the gym
  • FREE INSTRUCTION GUIDE - We appreciate that it's not always easy to know how to use a foam roller, so we've included a number of suggested movements in our exercise guide to help you start using your foam roller immediately
SaleBestseller No. 4
JLL ® Yoga Foam Roller Exercise Massage Physio Gym Pilates (Blue)
93 Reviews
JLL ® Yoga Foam Roller Exercise Massage Physio Gym Pilates (Blue)
  • Available in a choice of 5 colours: Black, Purple, Pink, Blue & Orange.
  • Length: 34cm x Diameter: 14cm x Weight: 900g.
  • High Density Foam - Easy To Clean.
  • Textured trigger point roller simulates sports injury massage.
  • Ideal for a Yoga, Sports Massage, Muscle Repair & Assisting Workouts - Also Great for Pilates and Gym Classes.
Bestseller No. 5
TNP Accessories Foam Roller Grid Beast Massage Pilates Trigger Point Yoga Gym Roller Exercise Revolutionary (Blue, 34cm)
  • The TNP Accessories Trigger Point Roller Features 3 Zones
  • Unique Design Allows for Targeted Massage
  • Use The Grid to Achieve a Comprehensive Core Body Workout
  • The Grid is the Most Versatile and Comprehensive Foam Roller and Workout Tool Available
  • Length: 34cm / Diameter: 14cm / Weight: 725g / NEW
Bestseller No. 6
Foam roller KG | PHYSIO Trigger Point Massage Roller For Muscle Massage Grid Roller Design! - 13'x5' - Ideal for Yoga, Pilates, Myofascial Release, Muscle Pain relief, IT Band, Trigger Point Massage, Stiffness Relief (Pink)
190 Reviews
Foam roller KG | PHYSIO Trigger Point Massage Roller For Muscle Massage Grid Roller Design! - 13"x5" - Ideal for Yoga, Pilates, Myofascial Release, Muscle Pain relief, IT Band, Trigger Point Massage, Stiffness Relief (Pink)
  • FOAM ROLLER TRIGGER POINT MASSAGE - Used for fascial and soft tissue release across the entire body
  • QUALITY - Dense EVA foam rollers by KG | PHYSIO are built to last
  • VERSATILE - Used on athletes of any activity level for pre workout and post workout recovery
  • MOBILE AND LIGHTWEIGHT - This foam roller is 13" x 5" so can be carried in your gym back (0.7kg)
  • GRID FOAM ROLLER - Designed with different raised areas for different types of massage hitting your muscles from different angles
SaleBestseller No. 7
BODYMATE Foam roller CLASSIC BLACK for deep tissue muscle massage - E-book with extensive exercise guides included
  • SIMPLE AND EFFICIENT: The perfect training aid for deep tissue muscle massage. Big enough (L33cm and D14cm) for full-body training, yet lightweight and easy to carry. Medium hardness suits both beginnners and the more advanced.
  • IMPROVED CIRCULATION: The BODYMATE CLASSIC fascial roller can help improve your blood circulation. Due to its surface structure, it is perfect for a full body deep tissue massage.
  • VERSATILE: An important training aid for crossfit, yoga, strength training, bodybuilding, boxing and MMA (mixed martial arts) - a great massage roller for all sports and fitness enthusiasts. The PREMIUM massage roller by BODYMATE is made of dense EVA foam and suitable for the back, legs, buttocks, neck and shoulders. It can help prevent injuries and also support recovery following an injury.
  • E-book with extensive exercise guides included: With every BODYMATE fascial roller you will receive a PDF e-book "Work Out with the BODYMATE Fascia Roller" by Claire Alix Anderson.
  • Quality BODYMATE® branded product
SaleBestseller No. 8
ResultSport® Velocity Grid Foam Roller 34x15cm - Black
880 Reviews
ResultSport® Velocity Grid Foam Roller 34x15cm - Black
  • ✅ LASTEST GENERATION MUSCLE ROLLER - This foam roller has been redeveloped by ResultSport® to enhance user experience; featuring washable High-Density EVA foam with a firmer (45 degrees hardness) and more durable sharper edge. The bumpy surface loosens up hamstrings for runners and other athletic activities; popular choice for those training for crossfit or practicing pilates.
  • ✅ GET READY TO RELIEVE THOSE MUSCLE ACHES - Living pain free, foam rollers are an effective way to eliminate knots and warm up for your fitness routine; hollow corn and lightweight; compact size 34x15x15cm; bring this with you to the office or gym.
  • ✅ SEE RESULT FROM THE BEGINNING - For an overall healthier lifestyle; correct posture and enhance blood circulation and more energy; locate essential trigger points for stress relief; improve sleeping habits. Deep massage upper and lower back, neck, legs, IT-band, quads, hamstrings, shoulders before and after workouts.
  • ✅ FREE COLOUR PRINTED INSTRUCTION GUIDES - We know it sounds a little complex at the beginning, therefore you will also get an A3 wall poster and a colour printed booklet with 34 different exercisers to get you started.
  • ✅ YOU AND YOUR BODY DESERVE THE BEST - We value your business and satisfaction by bring you the best product and service. We are confident our foam roller will meet your needs and expectation; we provide "Lifetime Warranty" and "60 Days Money back guarantee" to you.
SaleBestseller No. 9
Bionix 2 in 1 Foam Roller rumble Set with Massager Ball & Travel Bag - Trigger Point Roll For Deep Tissue Muscle Massage & Myofascial Release, Aching Back and Leg Muscles Relaxation Therapy (Green)
8 Reviews
Bionix 2 in 1 Foam Roller rumble Set with Massager Ball & Travel Bag - Trigger Point Roll For Deep Tissue Muscle Massage & Myofascial Release, Aching Back and Leg Muscles Relaxation Therapy (Green)
  • ✅FAST, EFFECTIVE PAIN RELIEF - If you've overdone things in the gym, our superb foam roller set can help to loosen and relieve tired muscles. Sometimes a cool-down stretch isn't enough, and the foam roller can really help prevent aching and injury caused by a hard work-out.
  • ✅A GREAT SUBSTITUTE FOR SPORTS MASSAGE - Not got time to head to a professional, or just self-conscious about the idea? Our foam roller will provide the same benefits as a sports massage and can help ease the pain of shin splints and inflammation while also loosening knots.
  • ✅CELLULITE BUSTER - Those pesky deposits of fat at the tops of your thighs are something every woman dreads. Using a foam roller can help break up the cellulite for dimple-free skin.
  • ✅THREE-IN-ONE-SET - Use the trigger point roller to get right into the deepest muscles in your body, while the soft roller makes for a truly relaxing stretch. Our massage ball is ideal for getting to the smaller parts of your body, such as the balls of your feet.
  • ✅CONVENIENT CARRY-BAG - Pack it all up in one handy bag and take it along with you to your next exercise class for instant relief on the go. ✅ GUARANTEE 100% Risk Hassel Free 30 Days Return Policy
Bestseller No. 10
Steel Man Strength Foam Roller Massage Stick Lacrosse Ball Spikey Ball and Carry Case. 4in1 Best Fitness Set for Muscle Massage and Sports Massage with free Exercise Routine E-book included
  • Of all the foam rollers available - we believe ours to be the most complete set. Between all of these premium massage tools, you can use physical therapy to trigger point every muscle after your workout.
  • Our grid textured, eco-friendly foam roller has is of high density, which has been shown by research to be the most optimal in applying pressure to the major muscles groups, such as the back,hamstrings, and itband.
  • Our revolutionary, slick massage stick, helps provide myofascial release to the quads and calves, as shown in the exercise book. It is firm and robust, yet light and compact - ideal for travel.
  • The lacrosse ball allows 360 degree movement and even more specific targeting for more awkward areas, that require deeper pressure and are difficult to reach.
  • The spikey ball helps boost circulation to the hand and foot - along with all of the items, is a useful addition to athletes recovering from crossfit, yoga, pilates, or any other sport.